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Health & mango

The mango, considered to be the king of tropical fruits, presents numerous advantages for health in general, especially due to its antioxidant characteristics (neutralizing the effects of free radicals and conferring on the organism defensive powers in the face of cell degradation) and due to its high content of vitamins, fibre and minerals.

Due to its nutritive properties, it helps with the prevention of numerous diseases and helps to boost the immune system, keeping the organism in good condition. In addition it has a high water content (essential for keeping the body hydrated) and numerous other health benefits.

As with the majority of fruits, the mango is rich in carbohydrates, essential for maintaining the levels of glucose in the blood and for the good functioning of the nervous system and the brain, with few calories (a mango has less calories than the banana), making it ideal for those who wish to lose weight or keep in shape.

VIt is necessary to highlight its high content of antioxidant vitamins, especially vitamin A (a mango of approximately 200 gr. supplies 30% of the daily requirement of this vitamin for an adult, essential for a healthy heart); vitamin E, known as the vitamin of beauty, necessary for healthy skin, hair and nails (a portion of approximately 200 gr. supplies 23% of the recommended daily quantity of this vitamin); and various types of vitamin B (Thiamine) Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic Acid etc) necessary for the good function of the nervous system, for metabolism and for the health of the skin.

Its vitamin C content is exceptional, as only one piece of mango has more than enough of the daily requirements of vitamin C for an adult, higher even than the orange ? making mangos ideal for those people who cannot tolerate other sources of this vitamin such as citrus fruits.

As for its potassium content, mangos have a diuretic effect (ideal for people who need to get rid of liquids). Potassium strengthens the activity of the kidney in stimulating the elimination of toxins through urination. It also helps in maintaining a regular heart rate, keeping blood pressure at normal levels and is essential for the transmission of all nerve impulses.

Mangos also supply other minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium and iron. Calcium is the essential component of bones and teeth, helping with the coagulation of the blood and with the transmission of nervous impulses. Phosphorous also participates in the formation of teeth and bones and is essential for transforming the food we eat into energy.

Magnesium allows a good functioning of the nervous system and favours the digestion of fats as well the elimination of waste from the organism, in the same way it also helps reduce cardiac problems and is used in the process of muscle contraction and relaxation. Sodium regulates the blood pressure, contributes to the digestive process and regulates the distribution of water in the organism. It is also important to note the mango´s supply of iron, the mineral necessary for the production of haemoglobin (charged with transporting oxygen to the tissues) and for the oxygenation of the muscles (mioglobin).

In this way we can highlight that, owing to its excellent properties and nutritional content, the consumption of this fruit is very important for the prevention of numerous conditions such as anemia and muscle weakness and the onset of cramps, to reducing levels of cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. It also improves vision and maintains healthy skin, hair, heart, and digestive and nervous system in healthy condition.

For these reasons mangos are highly recommended for everyone, especially for children and young people, athletes, pregnant women and nursing mothers, elderly people or those who find themselves, for example, in periods of convalescence after illness. The fruit is essential for those who need extra supply of vitamins and minerals and is ideal for maintaining the body in good health.