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Enjoy our finest mangos,
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Sponsor your own mango tree + 2 boxes of mangos
(14 kg)

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Receive direct to your front door
the best European mangos.

An original gift

Give the gift of a sponsored mango tree at any time. With personalized shipping, this is the best way to enjoy the best European mangos!


  • 1 personalised tree with your name.
  • 2 boxes of mangos (14 kg).
  • A personalised certificate.
  • Direct shipping to your home.
  • 14 kg of mangos from your tree for every year you sign up (2 boxes of approximately 7 kg).
  • Information about how the tree grows during sponsorship, including photographs with the tree in blossom, ripening and picking.

Sponsor a mango tree

  • Watch the step by step growth and development of your tree.
  • Observe how your fruit grows!
  • Respect the environment by promoting less CO2, through supporting local product.
  • Enjoy an educational and exciting experience that's great for children.
  • Get your own tree, your own mangos and certificate today and start enjoying our finest mangos.

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Consult the shipping costs for your country

In any case, it's important to remark that the more boxes that are sent to the same address the cheaper it will be to send them. Why not ask your family or friends to place an order and then you can purchase several boxes of mangoes for a surprisingly low cost?

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