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Health recommendations

The Spanish mango is an excellent fruit with a juicy, orange pulp, a sweet and refreshing taste and is especially noted for being high in antioxidants. Due to its rich nutritional value, mangos are ideal for the diet of everyone.

Being high in Vitamins A and C makes the mango especially recommended for those who are susceptible to having low levels or for those who have a low tolerance for citrus fruits, peppers or other vegetables that contain Vitamin C. People who also require extra caloric intake, such as athletes, children, adolescents (who are growing), the elderly, and pregnant or nursing women, can also benefit for eating mangos. Mangos can also beneficial for people who need an extra boost of these vitamins, such as those with high levels of stress, those who do intense physical activity or those who consume alcohol and tobacco on a regular basis.

The antioxidant qualities of the mango neutralize the effect of free radicals, and provide the organism with defensive strength against cell degradation. Vitamin C helps prevent many diseases, helps to lower cholesterol levels and to reduce problems relating to hypertension.

Together with Vitamin A, Vitamin C contributes to maintaining cells in a good state, to conserving vision and to the prevention of many skin diseases. As antioxidants, they also reduce the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases and even cancer.

As Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in food, it is highly recommended for those with iron deficiency anemia, as taking Vitamin C with food rich in iron helps the organism absorb the iron more efficiently.

Mangos are also rich in vitamins that belong to the group B, such as niacin, pyridoxine and riboflavin. These vitamins are essential for a properly functioning nervous system and for maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. It also helps to keep one in good spirits, to avoid insomnia and problems like irritability and nervousness.

Vitamin B9, commonly known as folic acid, is essential for preventing fetal malformations during pregnancy and Vitamin B1, known as thiamin, offers many beneficial effects on the nervous systems and mental activity.

Outra vitamina presente na manga é a vitamina E (também chamada tocoferol), com activos antioxidantes, famosa por ser a vitamina da juventude e da beleza (contra o envelhecimento prematuro), já que protege as células das agressões externas (fumo, tabaco, poluição, etc).

Mangos also contain Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, which with its active antioxidants is known as the vitamin of youth and beauty (helping avoid premature aging) as it protects cells from external aggressors such as smoke, tobacco and pollution.

Mangos are ideal for purifying the body and increasing muscle mass due to their high content of proteolytic enzymes, capable of digesting proteins, which help to take advantage of nutrients and to strengthen one's immune system, maintaining the body in optimum condition.Containing high levels of fibre gives mangos laxative properties which make them ideal for preventing and improving constipation. Those looking to lose weight will enjoy the satiating effect of mango that is accompanied by few calories and many nutrients and vitamins.

Other minerals found in mangos such as iron (highly recommended for vegetarians, individuals with anemia or pregnant women who need extra iron), potassium (necessary for a well functioning nervous and muscular system), calcium (necessary for the good bones and teeth), magnesium (important for the fixation of calcium in teeth and cell metabolism), phosphorous, sodium, etc.

In short, mangos are an ideal fruit and highly recommended for everyone from children, teenagers, athletes and the elderly, as well as pregnant and nursing women.