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The approximate quantity of the mangos obtained from each tree is 14 kg per season.

Mangos can be conserved for several weeks (while storing them in a cool, dry place, however; it is not necessary to keep them in the fridge) which makes them marvelous for sharing with the family.

Why not sponsor a mango tree with a friend or colleague? Why not share the sponsorship amongst the classmates of your children? When sponsoring a tree, you will be given a certificate for each year that you participate, which can be personalized to your liking.

In short, this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy delicious mangos that only have to travel a few miles to reach you, making them bursting with flavour!

If you wish to sponsor a mango tree, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that we offer you from

Sponsoring: a mango tree + two 7 kg boxes of mangos

Includes: Information every 4-6 weeks about how the tree grows during sponsorship, including photographs with the tree in blossom, ripening and picking. Personalised certificate Direct shipping to your home (please see areas where shipping is available) Enjoy 14 kg of mangos from your tree (2 boxes approximately 7 kg each)

Price of SPONSORSHIP (1 year): 165 € + shipping.(please see areas where shipping is available)

Delivery date: end of September to the beginning of November.

Personalise your gift

Standard 7 kg box

Shipping of the boxes which are approximately 7 kg each sent to the address you indicate. Enjoy your mangos straight from the tree in your very own home just shortly after they are picked from the tree.

(see areas where shipping is available)

Total cost: 59 € + shipping.

Delivery date: end of September to the beginning of November.

Personalise your gift

In any case, it's important to remark that the more boxes that are sent to the same address the cheaper it will be to send them. Why not ask your family or friends to place an order and then you can purchase several boxes of mangoes for a surprisingly low cost?