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Mangos come from a tree with the same name (Mangifera Indica) which belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. This tree has a firm trunk, lanceolate leaves and, when in full bloom, has small flowers which are yellow and reddish in colour. The mango fruit is oval shaped with thick and resistant skin (non-edible) which is reddish, yellow and green, depending on the variety.

The stone is located in the centre of the fruit and varies in size. The inside of a mango is sweet and juicy with a deep aroma and fabulous flavor.

Mangos are most flavourful when picked at their prime point of maturity when they are almost fully ripened however, the majority of mangos that arrive from outside of Europe are picked when green and shipped by boat or airplane to their destination, maturing along the journey or in cold storage.

Mangos cultivated in the south of Spain have all of the characteristics of this fruit, highlighting their unmistakable aroma, juicy and refreshing insides, and unique taste without a stringy or fibrous texture. Their colour is bright and vibrant with reddish, yellow and green tones. The varieties grown in La Axarquía are primarily the following: Osteen, Kent, Tommy Atkins, Keitt and Red Palme.

The taste of a Spanish mango is like none other and amazingly aromatic as they are picked in their prime and don´t have to endure either long journeys or weeks in cold storage. As a 100% natural product, they can be enjoyed in their prime when the skin is flexible to the touch but without creasing when pressure is applied.

The greatest amount of care is taken when our mangos are picked by hand so that they arrive in the best conditions with all of the natural and exotic flavor of the best fruit to be found, cultivated in La Axarquía, Costa Subtropical of the South of Spain, the land of sun and happiness.