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Methods of Payment

You can use any of the following options to pay for the services you selected:

Credit Card

logo DBank

Secure payment gateway operated by Deutsche Bank, through SIS Virtual TPV.
Virtual TPV (SIS) is a mechanism prepared to operate totally securely in Internet sales, or in other words:

  • A.- It will try to contact the bank that issued the card to request authentication of the card owner (verification of your identity) before making the corresponding request for authorisation. This guarantees that only the genuine owner of the card can operate with it.
  • B.- It implements SSL in all communications to prevent the information from being intercepted by third parties. Confidentiality is thus guaranteed in all communications that are established during the transaction.
  • C.- It also implements mechanisms to prove the authenticity of the origin of the transactions and also prevent undue manipulation by third parties. This guarantees the integrity of all transaction data.
  • D.- The card data are not normally known by the trader, which means that the information cannot subsequently be used fraudulently by third parties (The best way of safeguarding clients' sensitive information in business dealings is never to have it). This information is duly stored by the Virtual TPV which, in turn, will provide it to the payment system when necessary (for example in a return).

Therefore, all transactions made through the Virtual TPV will have every guarantee of security, confidentiality and integrity for everyone concerned: card owners and issuing organisations, and shops and their purchasing organisations.

Pay Pal

logo Pay Pal

Pay Pal can be used to make quick and secure payments on the Internet through your debit, credit card or bank account. With PayPal you can make any payments you want without sharing the data pertaining to your card or account, at no additional cost.

PayPal helps you to protect credit card information with the best security systems and the prevention of fraud in the sector. When you use PayPal, the financial information is never shared with the seller. To find further information, or to open a Pay Pal account, please consult the link

Bank Transfer

logo DBank

If you wish you can also pay by means of bank transfer, providing your name in the transfer concept (besides the reservation number provided on completing the form), to the following Deutsche Bank account:

Account no.: 0019 0027 03 4010025380
Bank: Deutsche Bank
Holder: A & P Prestige España, S.L.
IBAN Code: ES69 0019 0027 0340 1002 5380
Concept: Please indicate the name of the sender & the application reservation number

For us to be able to confirm your order, you are kindly asked to make the bank transfer within a maximum term of 10 days as of receipt of your order. Once we have received payment we will contact you (through the data you provided on the booking form) to confirm reception of the amount and the services contracted.

Any query, doubt or suggestion about our available methods of payment can be made through our contact form here