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Our family offers you the possibility of sponsoring a mango tree in the south of Spain. This region known as La Axarquía -Costa Subtropical in Málaga- is rich in sunlight and colour, and boasts one of the best climates in Europe.

We have specially selected each and every one of our mango trees which are cared for with the utmost care and dedication in a completely natural and traditional way. This allows you to enjoy only the most flavourful Spanish mangos during the season. Our mangos are exquisitely sweet and refreshing, filled with nuances and with an unmistakable aroma.

Enjoy watching how your tree grows and develops through the emails that we will periodically send you with information and photos of your tree during different flowering stages, when the fruit is starting to grow and ripen and their harvesting. This will be a unique and unforgettable experience! You will also receive a certificate that states your ownership along with information about the tree with the name you wish to give it.

The tree will be personalized with its name or with the name you choose (for example, if you wish to give it as a gift). A tree can also be sponsored by groups of friends, clubs or associations, colleagues or schoolmates, etc.

If you wish to acquire the mangos that come from your tree, you have the possibility to purchase the mangos at a special price. Once the mangos have reached their optimum point of maturity, they are individually hand picked in a traditional and careful manner and sent to the address of your choice so that you can enjoy them directly from the tree. Don?t forget that the taste of these Spanish mangos is exquisitely sweet as they mature on the branch and maintain of their natural qualities (they do not have to endure long periods of time in storage or shipping).

The time it takes for the mango to get from the tree to your home is very short, approximately 72 hours, enabling you to enjoy all of the flavour and aroma of this fantastic fruit.

If you have your mind made up, do not hesitate to contact us! Sponsor your mango tree now! The process is simple: just send us the necessary information for your reservation and follow the process which is indicated in this section. By making your reservation, you will be able to choose the tree you wish and the location (we provide a map of our orchard) in the area you wish.