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Why Spanish Mango?

Osteen: the best mango (the most juicy, aromatic and free of fibres)

Among the different varieties of mango, our mangos are principally of the Osteen variety.

The mangos of this Osteen variety have an oval and extended shape, a weight of approximately 500-700 gr., have a reddish purple colour when ripe and with some parts with yellow, green or greenish colouring.

The skin is thick and resistant and the stone is small, long and thin. The flesh is of an excellent quality, yellowish orange in colour, very juicy and free from threads or fibres. The taste is fresh and very sweet, with some acidic touches, exquisite and delicious, tasty and full of nuances. It is one of the best varieties: the one preferred by the majority of the consumers and mango lovers.

Free from artificial products and fertilizers

At we guarantee that our mangos are 100% organic and are cultivated without the use of chemical products or artificial fertilizers.

Our aim is to make the most of the natural resources without disturbing the natural equilibrium, using organic fertilizers of both animal and vegetable origin and without any type of pesticide. Our trees grow at their natural rhythm, with no forcing of the fruit.

In this way we guarantee the high quality, the delicious aroma and the authentic taste of the mangos as well as their nutritional value and the high concentration of anti-oxidants which, in other cultivated mangos, are chemical products.

In addition to the benefits for the consumers, our method of cultivation is beneficial for the natural environment as it minimizes the risk of contamination in the soil and nearby water sources.

Our process for selecting the best mangos

At we cultivate our trees with great care and we select the best mangos for the boxes that we send out. Our mangos are rich in colour (with reds, greens, yellows and tricoloured varieties), oval in shape and with a thick and resistant skin. They all share the special, exotic and delicious taste as well as and the strong aroma .

The aroma and taste are better appreciated when the mango is at its optimum point of ripeness (this can be recognised when the skin gives under light pressure in the region of the stalk).

We are talking about a fruit with orange-coloured flesh, of excellent quality, with a sweet and special taste, juicy and refreshing, all of which make it one of the best fruits in the world.

Different varieties of mango are cultivated in the region of La Axarquía (Osteen, Kent, Tommy Atkins, Keitt, Red Palme, etc).

Although we do cultivate various varieties, our mangos are principally of the Osteen variety, one of the most appreciated and with delicious taste and aroma.

Traditional hand picking of the mango

At we maintain the traditional customs and manner of picking the fruit of our forebears.

When the moment of optimum ripeness arrives for each mango tree, we select and pick the fruit by hand, one at a time, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of our mangos and so that our customers may enjoy them in perfect condition.

Our mango trees are cultivated with careful attention and dedication in a totally natural way. The taste of our spanish mango is exquisite, sweet, refreshing, unique and full of subtleties, with a fantastic and unmistakable aroma.

Just a few hours after picking we prepare the personalised order for each customer. Each box is packed by hand, putting the protective ring on each mango, placing them one by one in the boxes and filling the spaces between each mango with wood shavings (ecological padding) so that they reach your home in the best condition after delivery directly from the field to your home.

Environmentally-friendly packaging (100% recyclable and reusable)

We deliver our product from to your home or office in practically the same condition as when it was picked from the mango tree. Our mangos, 100% ecological and of gourmet quality, go directly from the field to your home just a few hours after picking.

In order to fulfill the criterion of "directly from the field to your home" two basic elements are necessary: good packaging and good transport logistics.

With regard to the first element, it is fundamental for that the mangos arrive in the hands of the consumer in optimal condition: that means maintaining all their freshness and their optimum level of ripeness. For that they require good packing and packaging.

It must be said that, apart from the excellent quality of the mangos, our customers also highly value our packaging and packing.

When started more than four years ago, we designed a large, strong, durable and environmentally-friendly cardboard box. It is a high quality box which, apart from being attractive as it looks like a wooden box, is greatly liked by our customers as it can be reused for an infinite number of purposes.

We also wanted to avoid the damage to the fruit that can be caused by the natural shocks produced in any form of transport. For that it was important that the mangos not be simply piled on top of each other.

For that reason we also decided to use protective rings which we place around each mango. In this way the number of small shocks and scapes that can be produced is minimized.

In addition, the environmentally-friendly padding that we put in each box plays an important part in the safe transport of our delicious tropical mangos. This is made up of fine wood shavings (we insist on this environmental character of our packaging) which we put in the gaps between the mangos. By doing this we avoid the movement of the mangos in and around the box.

Finally the box is closed up with a special quality guarantee seal which must be broken in order to access the contents of the box, thus guaranteeing that the mangos arrive in the best conditions, directly from the field to your home.

Shipping services to suit your needs. Online order status and tracking information. processes shipment and delivery of the boxes of mangoes with specialised logistics and transportation companies that have an extensive network which spans national and European territory, connecting our plantations in southern Spain with your home, thus ensuring you receive your mangoes only hours after they have been picked.

This guarantees maximum reliability in the delivery of our boxes of mangoes, as well as providing you with the possibility to track your orders online. To check the status of your order, to know exactly where it is at any time, just enter the tracking number you will be sent.